About The Law Offices of Quintanilla & Associates

Meet Quintanilla & Associates

The Law Offices of Quintanilla & Associates specialize in all aspects of public agency law and has particular expertise in many areas.

The Law Offices of Quintanilla & Associates (“Q&A”) was founded by Steven B. Quintanilla, after nearly 20 years of representing cities, redevelopment agencies, special districts, joint powers agencies, community services districts and non-profit organizations.

Q&A specializes in all aspects of public agency law, which includes without limitation, ethics, contracts, land use planning, environmental, code enforcement, real estate, public works construction projects, personnel, labor relations, taxes, assessments and fees, municipal finance and litigation. In addition, the firm has particular expertise in the areas of regulating sexually oriented businesses, medical marijuana facilities and mobile home parks, and implementing and administering effective and cost-efficient code enforcement programs.

Currently, Q&A is a small firm of just eight attorneys and two support staff members, all of whom are genuinely dedicated to a life of public and community service. Although small in number, we are big when it comes to enthusiasm, competence and work ethic. We have an excellent reputation for providing timely, sound and practical legal advice. We also are fully appreciative of our limited role in the day-to-day public decision-making process – we are not the policymakers. As such, we closely listen to each client to assess the client’s needs, objectives and goals and we limit our advice to legal advice regarding how the client can legally fulfill its needs, meet its objectives and obtain its goals, within the framework of the highest ethical standards applicable to the public decision-making process.

Q&A is very dedicated to providing its legal services in an environmentally-friendly manner, meaning that we utilize the best available computer and communication technologies to perform as much of our work as possible to avoid wasting paper and energy, while making certain the client’s needs are still fully met. We are also dedicated to providing our legal services in the most cost-effective manner by not charging clients for attorney or staff time associated with traveling, word processing, faxing, calendaring meetings, etc. Instead, the client only pays the actual costs incurred by the firm with no mark up for time. We believe this is both fair and ethical, particularly when tax dollars are used to pay for the client’s legal expenses.

Finally, although we are kept very busy with our major municipal and special district clients, we always reserve time to provide legal services on a pro bono basis for selected non-profit organizations that serve the communities we represent. “Giving back to the communities we serve” is not an empty cliché to Q&A. We really do what we believe in through providing pro bono legal services, providing financial support, aiding in fundraising efforts and even providing physical labor to those non-profit (tax-exempt) organizations that provide needed services in the communities we represent. We do this just because we simply believe it is a good thing to do.